Wiki Loves Monuments Panama – English summary

This page is a summary only. The full/official version is in Spanish

Welcome to Wiki Loves Monuments

Wiki Loves Monuments is an international photo contest around cultural heritage monuments. There are more than 30 countries participating this year. The contest is organized on each country by local volunteers and enthusiasts of Wikipedia and its projects (called Wikimedia Chapters). These local chapters have the mission of advancing the use and reach of Wikipedia and its sisters projects in their countries. Panama does not have a local Wikimedia Chapter yet, but the contest is organized by people and organizations that believe in the value of free knowledge, those are: CIDETYS, the Technological University of Panama and FLOSS-Pa.


General: anyone more than 18 years old can participate in this category (non residents too)

Students: open to all students registered either in a public or private college in the Republic of Panama. Undergraduate students of any local university are also invited.

There are also special prizes:

- To the person who photographs the biggest number of different monuments

- Special prize by the Commission of the V Centenary of the first sight of the eastern Pacific Ocean


You can only send pictures of the monuments listed HERE


Pictures can be uploaded from September 1st to 30th, 2013


  1. The number of pictures each participant can submit is unlimited.

  2. Each photo uploaded must have a title and the identifier number of the monument (it is the first column of the monuments list).

  3. Each picture can participate on one category only, although one person can participate on both categories with different pictures.

  4. Pictures with watermark are not allowed and will be disqualified.

  5. There is not a minimum picture size, but we encourage you to submit pictures with the maximum resolution possible

  6. Only pictures with Creative Commons Licenses Attribution or Attribution-Share Alike will be accepted. More information on the terms of these licenses

  7. Minor digital improvements to the pictures are allowed


Category: General

1st place: $800 USD

2nd place: $600 USD

3rd place: $400 USD

 Category: Students

1st place: $150 USD saving account and a Canon compact camera

2st place: $100 USD saving account and a Canon compact camera

3st place: $50 USD saving account and a Canon compact camera

How to participate

Use the UPLOAD WIZARD (make sure you create an account first and add your email address to your preferences)